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“Over the years I have met and worked with many of you at various locksmith expos and classes throughout the country. Today, I want to introduce LockAware, a talented and diverse team of people in Los Angeles who have been engineering their plan to stop "the locksmith scam," a very complex problem that has affected us all, and the public."

"Full-disclosure, I've been advising LockAware for the past couple years now. The passionate and talented team driving LockAware has a bird's-eye view of the problems and challenges contributing to the erosion of the American Locksmith trade including scammers, aging participants, lack of young participants in training, encroachment by non-traditional entities, and the internet.

The vision that the LockAware team shares with me for preserving ETHICAL American Locksmithing, and their strategy to turn the tide and regrow the trade is near and dear to my heart. It is my sincere belief the Locksmith channel can not only survive, but also thrive with LockAware. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it: I believe that mutual benefit between Locksmiths and LockAware will save the channel. Join us, and together let’s build the future of American Security!"

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Reclaiming the majority of the multi-billion Residential market from scammers would put about $1.2 million into each of America's 3500 real Locksmith businesses annually -- assuming each can handle all the work!

By unifying America's ethical and proficient Locksmiths, LockAware is developing the nationwide platform necessary to transform consumer awareness around locksmiths and physical security.

Also, as our network grows, LockAware will continue to negotiate network discounts on hardware, automobiles / maintenance, cell phones, insurance, bonding, and more!

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Marty Chaskin
Co-Founder & CEO of LockAware

“America’s best Locksmiths are joining LockAware because we’re doing something new. LockAware is building a movement that will reclaim billions of dollars in lost revenue from “scammers” and redistribute it amongst America’s most Proficient, Ethical, and Trusted Locksmiths.

Consider us your new marketing team, business development champion, lobbyist, and partner for growth.”

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